Saturday, July 2, 2011

O Canada !!

Happy Canada Day to all fellow Canadians !!  Also, happy 4rth of july for my fellow Americans .
It was my first time celebrating it (since I'm new here ), and I really enjoyed it .
I know most of my posts talk about US, and that's because I've lived there for the past 8 years, and am fairly new to Canada, and still just getting to know the country, so this post is a break from my posts about life in US.
Today I'll share with you some images from the Canada day celebration from my neck of the woods.

It was a beautiful sunny Canadian Summer day , pleasant and breezy :
The turnout

Performance by some church kids

People enjoying the celebration

The weather was just right for a day out

My own Canadian flag

Look, I won a million dollars !! 
The evening entertainment

And finally some fireworks

dancing to the tune of O Canada 
So, that's how I celebrated my first Canada Day , hope your Canada day was just as much fun, and hope all Americans have a fun 4rth of july.

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