Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Came across this video on youtube, and thought I'd share it here :

It transported me back to my younger days (yikess I feel like an old lady writing this!!) and to the feeling of being newly in love, the butterflies, the anxiety, the secretiveness (atleast in Indian context), all of it....
I sometimes think what life would have been like without my husband in it, and I simply can't imagine it, I've known him for over 12 years now, ( been married for nearly 10 of those), and that's a little under half my life !! I feel so lucky that met my husband, and could marry the love of my life, else I dunno how my life would've turned out, how I would've reacted if say I had met him in a grocery store 10 years later...
So I guess I dedicate this to the man whose loved me for 12 years, and still loves me just as much as the day he married me....(I give him full credit for the success of this marriage, god knows I'm not easy..:D )
To everyone out there reading this, hoping to marry the love of their life, I wish you all a happy ending, for there is no greater joy in life, than being with your soulmate for life...:)

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